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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...I love ya tomorrow!!!

I can not believe the fundraiser is tomorrow already! I am not sure love is the right word but I am excited! There have been so many kind and generous people come forward through everything we have been through. It has been a very humbling experience to say the least. To answer a question I have gotten a lot this week about donations. No it isn't to late to bring your donations. Please feel free to even drop them off during the sale. We appreciate all help. People have also asked how else they can help. We can use help before, during and after the sale to help set-up, work the sale and clean up.

My family can never say enough thank yous or reach out to all that have helped so far. But I really hope they know and feel our love and appreciation for all the prayers, help and concern on our behalf.

Well Hope to see you all here at 238 S. Olive, Mesa, AZ tomorrow or Saturday. Make sure to come say hi. Oh and Kyle will be there both days of the sale! So come meet our little cutey!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Give Away!!!

Who doesnt love a GIVE AWAY. The chance to win something. Oh the anticipation! ha ha well below I will outline the guidelines to get your name in the drawing....

1) Write about Kyle and provide a link back to this site on your blog. Then in the comments leave me your blog address so I can go check it out. (I LOVE to check out new blogs)

2) Place a link to the site and post the flyer as your status on Facebook, twitter, my space. Then leave a comment with your email so I can email the flyer and so I go check out your page!

3) Buy a bracelet and post a link (blog, facebook, etc.) to where they are on sale at www.luvmynfboys.blogspot.com

4) Help hand out flyers.

Give away number 1 is for those helping to spread the word about the sale. I will be doing a another give away for those brave souls that come out and help with the sale. Whether it be setting up, working the sale or packing up!! So stay tuned......

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amazing Kindness....

A big shout out to Hogue Printing in Mesa! They have generously donated 500 color flyers!! I can not believe how kind they have been. It has really bolstered my spirits and I have emailed several business to see if they will display our lovely flyers!! Thank you Cody Hogue at Hogue Printing for your help!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kyle's Fundraiser Feb 26-27, 2010

Several people near and far have asked about Kyle's fundraiser coming up. I started this blog last year in hopes to use this to keep everyone posted. But than it was just easier to use emails. But I thought I would use this as a go to place to answer every ones questions. Plus I will be posting online things you can buy and things people donate to sell. Also on the side I will have a link to Kyle's paypal account. I do want to let everyone know that Kyle has his own seperate "Medical" savings bank account that all money raised goes into. And that 100% of the proceeds from anything sold or donated will go into that account.

So below are some of the basics.

When: Friday/Saturday February 26 & 27th 2010 7:00am-5pm
Where: 238 S. Olive, Mesa
Why: to help raise funds for Kyle's medical treatments

What is needed?

1) Donations of items to sell.
People ask what we are looking for. We will take anything.We have furniture,
books, toys, shoes, clothes, craft items, household items, small appliances,
purses paintings. You name it we probably had it at the last one

2) Help
We need help to;
Hand out Flyers/spread the word
Pick up donations
Sort donations/set up
work both days of the sale (you dont have to work all day come work for
a few hours, all you can do is appreciated)
Pack up the sale

3) Come to the sale. Come check out all the awesome things we will have!!

4) Donate items to put up for sale on the blog. It can be services, goods, anything you can think of.

5) Anyway you can help that doesnt fit into a category above please let me know.

What can family/friends do that live far away? I have had many many people ask me. So here are some ideas.....

1) Purchase bracelets
2) Participate in the sales that I will be posting on Kyle's blog
3) Donate through Paypal
4) Host a sale or event where you live.
If you want to do this I will supply you with Kyle's story, pics etc.
It doesnt have to be a yard sale.
Get creative!!)

Fun and exciting new things

I have plans to do free giveaways. Check back to see what they are and how you can win!!

And most of all thank you everyone for you concern for Kyle. Keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers. I dont know what the future will hold for us or Kyle but it sure helps having such wonderful family and friends.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A blog for Kyle's journey

I decided to start a blog for Kyle and thought it might be a better way to update everyone. I will see how will it works. If I find it isn’t a great as I thought I might switch back to the email update. I am just seeing how I like this route. Any suggestions let me know. I am going to go back and try to post all the updates so his complete story will be on here. I also thought this would be a good way for me to “journal” about it as well.